Sunday, August 18, 2013


Sean arrived safely home yesterday morning. I think it's safe to say that he is pretty blown away by everything that happened on the trip. I kind of wish I would have been able to record him as he shared some of the highlights with us, but it was a pretty emotional time for us.

Obviously one of the best parts was being used to lead a young man named Dennis to Jesus.

And in turn seeing that man want to share the good news with absolutely everyone! We heard a praise report from Dennis yesterday~his cousin Boniface has been visiting the children's home every day and bringing food. He says he wants to build another children's home like it. Also, Dennis' wife Zaina is coming to church with him! Please continue to pray for her salvation.

Some of the men from the YWAM base are following up with Mohammed as well. He was upset that Sean wasn't able to come back and see him personally, but he is allowing the others to read the Bible to him. Please continue to pray for his salvation as well!

As I mentioned in an earlier post, Sean visited a place called Camp Blessed~which is a place for lepers and their families. Sean wept as he shared how humbling it was to visit a man who had lost his fingers and toes and even part of one leg to the disease. His home is smaller than Sean's office, and he has to sit on a cold concrete floor. But this man was filled with such joy because God had not only provided lunch for him that day, He had also sent him a visitor! As Sean held his hand and prayed with him, he realized that he delivers more food in one day than this man will see in a year.

Some children at one of the houses in Camp Blessed. There are still houses that need refurbishing with concrete floors (rather than dirt) and new roofs.

Of course, the main questions for us now are "Lord, when can we go back?" and "What specifically are you calling us to get involved in?" We trust that He will answer these questions as we seek His face, and that He will provide all we need to do His will.

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