Monday, October 2, 2017

A Year in America

We have been back in the U.S. for a year now!  Time has whizzed by so unbelievably fast!  We arrived just in time to see the leaves turn last year and are now enjoying the same scenery.  My favorite time of year!  I consider it a huge blessing to be able to enjoy another Autumn here in Washington State.

The past year has been both challenging and rewarding.  After arriving in Spokane, we stayed with my Mom and Dad for 2.5 months.  We were able to celebrate our first Thanksgiving and Christmas together with them and my brother and his family, which was a dream come true for all of us!  In mid-December God blessed us with the opportunity to rent a home about 30 minutes from town in a small farming community.  There we met another family of 6 who lived just up the street and became fast friends.  This was an answer to prayer for both families, and we are thankful for the friendship and fellowship God so graciously provided with the Kauffmans!

Not long after arriving in Spokane, Sean and I participated in a Foster Parenting Course, and I attended the Orphan Summit later in the Spring.  The Lord has been speaking to us about fostering for years, and we are still waiting on Him to show us how, where and when.  We submitted the preliminary paperwork, but a few obstacles have presented themselves. We know when it is His timing, He will make it happen! Here is a powerful short film on the positive impact foster care can have in a child's life:

In August, the Lord opened up an opportunity for us to move back into the city of Spokane and stay with a lovely couple from our church.  Ben and Emily have opened their hearts and home to us and have made us feel so welcome!  We are so blessed to be able to share meals, fellowship and LIFE together.  We are very thankful for this haven of rest God has provided once again in our time of need.

Sean was able to return to Kenya for 9 weeks to continue work with the disciples there, and  also visited our church family in Australia for 3 weeks in the Spring.  Both trips were very fruitful and our Father used them to teach us so much about the ministry in Kenya and His plans for His people there.  Sean is currently preparing to return to Kenya, but one thing we have been learning is the essential of waiting on God.  His plans and timing are perfect! "We can make our plans, but the Lord determines our steps." Proverbs 16:9

In the meantime, my Mom's condition has remained pretty stable.  Her last tests actually showed the breast tumors are shrinking!  In July, Mom was able to go to California to encourage a friend of hers who is also in Stage 4 cancer.  We are so thankful for God's mercy and grace in her life and are making some wonderful memories with her.  Looking forward to spending another Thanksgiving with my family!

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Friends Don't Let Friends Fight Cancer Alone

Most of you know that my Mom was diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer a year ago. Just last month she discovered her former boss and very dear friend also has Stage 4 cancer. Mom wants to visit her in California to encourage her before she undergoes radiation and chemotherapy, but can't afford the trip. I started a GoFundMe page to raise the funds for her to be able to bless her friend. We are already halfway to our goal! Would you please help us by spreading the word? Please click the purple link below the picture to visit Mom's GoFundMe page!

Sheri's "We're In This Together" Cancer Fund

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Africa Beckons You

Photo by Chimezie Onyebilanma

The Lord very clearly called our family to minister in Africa. I am not suggesting that everyone should just pick up and go~though I think not many would be able to without the Lord's provision! I do agree with Andrew that we should all be saying, "Here I am Lord~send me!" with ANY nation in mind. The fields are ripe for harvest! Jesus has already commanded us as His disciples to GO into all the world and make disciples. Which part of the world is He calling you to? It could be in your own backyard, on the other side of your state, cross-country or on another continent. Are you willing to go where He sends you? Trust in Him with all your heart; don't depend on your own understanding. Seek His will in all you do, and He will show you which path to take!" ~Kim

by Andrew Strom

Over the years I have ministered many times in Africa - especially
Nigeria. The heat and the neverending cloud of dust, smog and
diesel fumes were ever-present, but spiritually it was always a
fantastic trip.

I know a lot of people on this List have had invitations to Third
world countries to minister. I want to encourage you to take
these opportunities, my friends - even if you have to pay your
own way (-quite likely because they are so poor).

I have come across many Repentance preachers in the USA and
the West who have been frustrated and discouraged here with the
lack of response and/or openings. We need to realize that there
is a wide world out there that is hungry and desperate for sound
preaching and biblical truth.

I remember once hearing David Servant make an analogy of a
fisherman with two fishing-holes to choose from. In one fishing
hole he caught virtually no fish at all. In the other fishing hole
the fish were so desperate to be caught that they were clinging
onto the line and he was hauling them in as fast as he could get
his pole back in the water! Which fishing hole should he choose?
Of course it was the second one. (Equating to the Third World).

A lot of us think it is the "spiritual" thing to do, to wait and wait
and wait right where we are, but as David Servant points out,
Jesus clearly told his disciples that if they were not received in
one town, to leave that place and go on until they find a receptive
place. This is actually a commandment of God. Otherwise all of
God's servants are left wasting their time in unresponsive
environments. Jesus commands us to "GO!"

Personally, for many years I focused my attention almost
entirely on the West. But God changed that. He redirected my
gaze to the Third Wolrd, and I am so glad He did. Such is the
need and the hunger there. Sadly, it is the exact opposite of
what we so often find in the comfortable apathetic West.

I strongly encourage every preacher who is on this List to consider
the Third World - and soon. It may be time to think "outside the
box", my friends. You won't regret it.

God bless you all.

Andrew Strom

Monday, March 20, 2017

Living Isaiah 58~A Reminder

In the past 6 years, we have moved continents 3 times in pursuit of Living Isaiah 58. Our journey has been completely Spirit-led and Father-funded (our Daddy is NOT on a budget and has some DEEP pockets!), and it has taken us from the the U.S. to Australia, to Kenya, and back to the U.S. again. In June of last year, we thought we still had at least one year left of living and ministering in Kenya as a family but God knew otherwise. That month we discovered that my Mom has stage 4 cancer. Our Father so graciously and faithfully provided for us to return to the U.S. to make memories with Mom/Grandma and we are so thankful! We have been back on American soil for 6 (!!!) months now, and are still unsure of what God's next orders will be. One thing we do know for sure is that we will never be released from the call to live out the mandate of Isaiah 58. In every nation there is such great need for God's people to rise up and be doers of the Word in regards to caring for the orphan, the widow and the "least of these"! We so appreciate your continued prayers during this season of waiting. Sean returned alone to Mombasa in January to continue and confirm the Lord's work there. He will be back with us shortly and we will continue to wait on God for His next instructions. In the meantime, we consider your prayers for us more precious that gold!

In His Love,


Monday, February 13, 2017

Guest Post by Missy Roepnack

Last month, our friend Cody May drowned in a lake within sight of his wife Kimberly 
and their seven children.

This world has lost a man of which it was not worthy, 
and my dear friend Kimberly and her children are mourning this loss deeply.

Cody was an open-air evangelist and an abortion abolitionist.  His life was BUILT around making Jesus known, defending the fatherless 
and speaking up for the voiceless.  

This life - wordly things - Cody counted it all loss 
for the eternal worth of knowing Jesus Christ.

Cody was also an adoptive father to children 
from Connecticut, DRC, and Ethiopia.

  He is survived by these precious children - 

six of whom just experienced the loss of their father for the SECOND TIME.  

The May family had just moved to Texas a few days prior to Cody's death.  
Several of their children have special needs, 
and they were looking for a fresh start and new opportunities. 

Cody was transitioning between jobs, 
and at this moment in time - he had no life insurance.   

As a larger adoptive community, 
we have learned that family PRESERVATION is right there in James 1:27
and that sponsoring endangered children in other countries is such a crucial part of orphan care.  

Orphan prevention and family preservation 
ARE widow and orphan care.  

Inspired by other child sponsorship programs, 
we have set up a special tax-deductible fund through a 501c for Kimberly and her children through Bethesda Family Ministries

We are asking people to prayerfully consider 
becoming MONTHLY SPONSORS for Kimberly and the children by until adulthood, 
or until no longer needed. 

In terms of impact, no gift is too small.  Consider this:

A $10/month commitment over the next 15 years 
could buy college books for Cody's boys. 
A $20/month commitment over the next 15 years would be $3600 invested in the future of these children and the preservation of this family!!!

200 people committed to just $5/month equals $1,000 of reliable income.  

Four of our children were brought home 
by mostly small donations from people all over the world - it adds up!

Unlike other sponsorship programs, a massive 95% of your contribution (or more, depending on which form of payment  you choose) will go directly to Kimberly and the children.  The best child sponsorship programs normally run at about 80% down to as low as 50% of direct-to-program costs, so this fund is truly exceptional. 

Additionally, the person administrating this fund has been a local, trusted, and personal friend of my family for many years.  

I believe that knowing that there was a dependable amount of support coming in monthly would be such a blessing to Kimberly.  

It will enable her to make plans as she faces the future 
without her best friend and her earthly provider.   

Please pray about this, and consider committing to the May family.  We talk so much about supporting widows and orphans - we treasure this cause because God always has.  

Our God is the Father to the Fatherless, and those of us whom He raises up to adopt, foster, sponsor children...all we are doing is following His lead and example.  

...we love because He first loved us.  


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