Monday, May 30, 2016

Fun project to spead the love and Word of God in Colombia

Sharing a blog post from our dear friends~great opportunity to participate in missions!

Calling all scrapbookers, graphic designers, crafters, calligraphers, painters, photographers, doodlers, stampers, sticker enthusiasts, washi tapers, homeschoolers, coloring book artists, families of all kinds, and Christians of all ages,

Here is an opportunity to use your gift at home to grow the Kingdom of God in far off places. Colombia Mission is seeking unique homemade-with-love bookmarks to be placed in each Bible we pass out. We would love to have you design a few!

Each bookmark should:

Include a Bible verse in Spanish or Wayuunaiki Spanish Wayuu
Use a sturdy backing, such as cardstock, and/or be laminated so they will hold up to transporting
Have a written personal note and/or prayer on the back when signing your name (this can be in English and will be interpreted by a missionary)

Wayuu is a Native American ethnic group of the Guajira Peninsula in northern Colombia and northwest Venezuela. Their language is Wayuunaiki, but many of the younger people speak Spanish, as well.

Please mail finished bookmarks to PO BOX 40915, Downey CA 90239 by October 1, 2016.