Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Mohammed confesses Jesus is God

Just received this from Sean:

"Shortly after some prayer and walking not far from the YWAM base, this man called out to us to come to his little 3 room house. We went in and talked to this Muslim man, Mohammed. He showed us his 2 hernias, shoulder and knee injuries and asked us for money to help him have hernia surgery. We told him we would pray in Jesus' name. We prayed but did not at the time see any healing.

After this we shared the gospel. Then he went into his room and brought out an old pocket Bible that he had hidden. It is written in English, so he doesn't know how to read it. We read John 10:10 to him. Then we organized to come back on Sunday afternoon as it was not favorable to go any further today. We had already spent over an hour with him and he was getting tired due to the fact that he is old and is fasting for Ramadan.

Praise God at the end he confessed Jesus and God are one after our sharing.

Please pray with Uly from Austria, Julius from Kenya, and myself for salvation to come to Mohammed's house and also for his healing."

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