Thursday, August 8, 2013

From riches to rags~everyone needs Jesus

Dennis is still making appointments with Sean to share the gospel with people in Mombasa. Yesterday, he introduced Sean to Madame Akarim, a prominent Muslim woman who graciously invited him into her upscale home to talk about Jesus. She had heard "beautiful things" about Jesus, but was confused. If Jesus had died for the sins of the world, then why must people go to hell? Sean was happy to explain God's plan of salvation to her. She invited Sean to come back any time, and we pray that those seeds planted will come to fruition in her life.

After that, Sean visited a leper camp with Action Ministries. They are working with beautiful people who have been affected by this grotesque disease called leprosy. Just as we read in the Bible, these lepers have had to deal with the same stigma, rejection and neglect. The exclusion from society and years of being unloved has run so deep that it has had a severe affect on their children and grand children; who are not lepers, but still outcasts because their family members are.

Through the work of Action Ministry there is a beautiful restoration taking place. The camp was once known as "Tumbe" (meaning a place for rejected people), but they have renamed it "Blessed Camp". Through a feeding program, monthly medical outreaches, educational programs and the founding of a church, they are meeting physical and spiritual needs that have been untouched for years. The work that is being done is incredible… a work of hope and healing.

I've posted this video before, but in case anyone missed it~I'll post it again. These precious people, whom Jesus died for, are considered the outcasts of Kenyan society. But praise God, He has not left them comfortless. There are still many needs at Blessed Camp, many homes that need concrete floors (rather than dirt) and other repairs, food, education for the children, etc. We pray for God's provision for us to be able to help meet those needs.

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