Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Chronicle of our trip to America~part 1

It has been difficult to process all that has happened so far on our adventure in America, but hopefully blogging about it will help. I'm a bit under the weather with some kind of flu bug, but if I don't start posting now I don't think it will get done!

After traveling for a total of about 30 hours (it normally doesn't take that long, but immigration held us up by making us miss our connecting flight in L.A.), we finally arrived at our first destination~Chicago on April 2nd. We purposed to fly into Chicago so that we could meet our friends the Sweazy's, who just happened to be departing for Germany en route to Kenya! We discovered this precious family online while researching missions in Kenya. After e-mailing and a Skype session, we discovered that we all have the same vision~making disciples and ministering to the fatherless. It was such a blessing to meet them and even though we are called to different areas of Kenya (western and eastern), we hope to meet again soon!

We did have someone take a picture of our families together at the hotel, but I haven't been able to get ahold of it yet. You can see a link to the Sweazy's blog in our sidebar~The 28:19 Call. Below is a short video they made for their ministry. It is amazing how God gives us these divine connections. We are so thankful!

The following day, we made our way to the next destination (Indiana) for a conference. That will be the subject of the next blog post!

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