Tuesday, July 16, 2013

FREE KINDLE (no longer free, but I can loan it out!)~The Unlikely Missionary: From Pew-Warmer to Poverty-Fighter

I had this book on my Amazon wish list for a while~so I was thrilled to see that it was on the list of free Kindle. I don't know how long it will be there, so wanted to share!

Edited to add: for anyone who missed this title while it was free, I am able to loan it out for 2 weeks. Just reply to this blog post with your e-mail address if interested!

"Jesus called us to change the world... starting with 'the least of these.'

Dan King, popular blogger and founder of BibleDude.net, wrestled for several years with this idea of what it means to serve like Jesus did. That is, until he started researching the topic of poverty and what the Christian response to it looks like. One little writing project triggered a series of events, like dominoes, that eventually led him on an unlikely trip to Africa. It was a trip that would change things forever.

Follow Dan's journey not only on a poverty-fighting trip through Africa, but also on the journey of discovery as the mission trip helps him find purpose and meaning in his Christian walk."

Read more about Dan at his website BibleDude.net.

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