Monday, May 13, 2013

Free Christian ebook~ He Loves Me!

How can we love the least of these if we don't understand the love our Heavenly Father has for us and for them? We can't give away something that we have not received for ourselves. Many of us think we "know" that God loves us. We've heard it so many times~but is it just head knowledge or has it become actual revelation to our hearts? The information in this book is life changing!

Personally, I had never quite been able to believe that God loved me (at least not all the time). My biological father rejected my mother and I when I was the tender age of 15 months. Then I felt I could never earn the love or approval of my stepfather. Later in life, my first marriage ended when my husband left me for another woman. These experiences had a profound effect on my heart. When it came to loving and receiving love, I was crippled. This emotional deficit had a negative impact on my relationships. It seemed like a fairy tale that God could love me the way I was, with all my warts, and be happy with me.

When I read this book, I received a glimmer of hope. I am reading it again so I can get more of this glorious, liberating truth into my heart. He loves me! He truly does.

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